The ‘Worm Moon' Rises in San Diego Sunday

Find out when to catch that perfect picture.

If you think the last few nights have seemed brighter than usual, you're absolutely right - but the main event is Sunday night.

The so called "worm moon" will be visible all night.

Gary Hawkins with the San Diego Astronomy Association says there are about 13 full moons each year. This one marks our third of the year.

It gets its name from the time of year when the land thaws out - allowing worms to rise to the surface.

While it will not be the brightest moon we see all year, it is the brightest so far in 2021.

Hawkins has some advice if you want to know when to capture that social media-worthy picture.

"The full moon always looks largest when it's low to the horizon," says Hawkins. "So if you want to take that classic photograph with the trees then you want it low to the horizon. If you want to see it when it's clearest, you want to wait until it's higher in the sky."

Due to COVID, the San Diego Astronomy Association has paused its in-person events, but it still has plenty of virtual events you can participate in online, like this upcoming Astronomy Livestream from OakOasis Country Preserve, 8 pm Saturday, April 3rd (weather permitting) -

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