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The Search Continues for Chula Vista Mother Maya Millete

Chula Vista mom May "Maya" Millete vanished on Jan. 7

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Another weekend, another series of searches for a missing Chula Vista mother of three.

May "Maya" Millete vanished on Jan. 7 after an argument with her husband and never returned. Her family has been looking for her ever since, but Sunday's search was unlike others. 

The search parties, including Maya's sister, stumbled across bone fragments in Dehesa. San Diego sheriff's investigators raced over, only to discover the bones were animal remains.

Maya Millete is the heart and soul of her family, full of life and laughter. A person who was always around, always involved in family matters, especially where they concerned her three children.

“She's not gonna leave her kids. not at all," said Jane Fetalvero, Maya Millete's sister.

NBC 7 News anchor Mark Mullen speaks with the family of missing Chula Vista mom May "Maya" Millete about the last time they saw her. They also share details about who Maya is as a sister, person, and mother. She has been missing since Jan. 7, 2021.

Fetalvero was up early at Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve trying to keep a positive attitude.

"We are hoping that she is still out there somewhere, that we can find her," Fetalvero said.

Friends, family members and total strangers combed the trails looking for anything that might solve the mystery of what happened to Maya.

But they came up empty handed, not just here, but at three other search locations across the county.

“I saw it on facebook and I offered our help," said Alejandro Ortigoza, from the Armadillo search team.

Ortigoza said he'd want people to help if a member of his family was missing.

“If this was my sister I'd be doing exactly what they're doing every day. It's just really inspirational the family and whatnot how they're just out here and out here and out here and keep pushing," said Nate Davis, another search volunteer.

Pushing forward, even though family members realize the chances of a happy outcome for Maya Millete are fading.

"We want answers. we want to keep searching until we find something. we can't start closure if we don't know where she's at," Fetalvero said. 

Until they get those answers, family members say they will keep searching.

Chula Vista police say Millete's husband Larry is not a suspect, but that he is now refusing to help in either the investigation or the search. 

For now, the search for Maya and  some sense of closure for her family continues.

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