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The San Diego Airport Wants to Know: What Are You Waiting For?

Terminal 2 has a new art exhibit on display

As holiday travel picks up this season, the San Diego International Airport is asking you to sit and wait. 

This "Standby Room" in Terminal 2 allows travelers to sit inside and say their hopes and dreams to a playwright. 

The answers received will be made into a play that will be performed at the airport in December. 

"We want to ask people what it is their really waiting for," said Actor and Comedian Kristina Wong of Los Angeles, who masterminded the art display.

The Standby Room was crafted using sewn fabric, pipes and markers. 

"It's a very hard space to perform in because no one is expecting performance and they're anxious," said Wong. "It's also interesting that we're very close to the border. For some, it's their first time leaving the country or arriving here. I'm interested in knowing who they are." 

The airport has an artist residency program with new displays and performances year round. 

"We want to ask people what it is they're really waiting for," said Wong. "Not just your flight but in life. It becomes an existential question. We've collected all the answers from visitors and they're sewn into the inside of our waiting room." 

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