San Diego

The Rock n' Roll Marathon's “Blue Mile” Honors Fallen Troops

Pictures and flags to honor 100 service members

Runners in San Diego's 2018 Rock N Roll marathon may have a tough time remembering all 26.2 miles of the race, but in the end, one particular stretch will be unforgettable.

Volunteers with the organization "Wear Blue, Run To Remember" are placing posters and flags dedicated to US troops who died in the line of duty along the course.

Mile 5, through Normal Heights, will be transformed into the "Blue Mile" as 100 different posters of fallen service members will line both sides of the street. Volunteers will also hold 100 flags with ribbons bearing the names of the servicemembers.

Laura Finney, one of the volunteers, will be holding a flag in honor of her boyfriend Lance Corporal Patrick Adle killed in Iraq back in 2004.

"I wasn't a gold star wife, I was a girlfriend and there wasn't a whole lot for me and this organization was something that I fit into because anyone can run for somebody," said Finney.

Finney says the organization exists to raise awareness and make purposeful steps for loved ones of fallen service members.

"We are a living memorial to those who've paid the ultimate sacrifice to our country," said Finney.

Along with more than 100 volunteers, the group expects roughly 50 race participants running for a loved one through the "wear blue" movement.

You can find out more about the organization here

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