‘The Great Sound of Rain': Farmers Happy After Rainfall

A North County farmer tells NBC 7 that Wednesday’s rain helps farmers and consumers

Farmers in the North County have been waiting months for the rain and were delighted to hear the steady sound of rain falling Wednesday.

“Rain, the great sound of rain,” said Pedro Frias, a farmer in Escondido.

There are 16 acres on Frias’ farm, Nature’s Finest Harvest, where he grows guava and kaffir lime trees. This year, after an unusually dry summer and early fall, Frias said farmers have been waiting for the rain.


“These will be two times as big within a week,” said Frias, holding two guavas.

“After the rain, probably in a week or two, we will start picking, where we are like three weeks behind right now,” added Frias.

The farmer told NBC 7 that there is some extra work involved during a rainy day. Frias had to dig ‘berms’ to direct the water where he wants it to go. But, the benefits of rain are worth the work.

Frias said the rain saves farmers on their water bills.

“Our monthly bill is anywhere from two thousand to three thousand dollars. If we have enough rain, we stop watering,” said Frias.

And, the rain is good for consumer’s pockets.

“No rain, you’re going to pay more for the product. It’s just the way it is. It’s a good thing all the way around, for everybody,” said Frias.

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