The Financial Hit From a DUI

Insurance rates hit the roof after drunk driving conviction

Getting behind the wheel when you have had too much to drink is a danger to everyone on the road. But besides the obvious reasons not to drink and drive, there is the financial impact of a DUI conviction.

A charge and conviction of drunk driving can easily cost a driver $10,000.

Pete Moraga says there are court costs and attorney's fees, there is traffic school and car impounds and then there is insurance. Insurance rates after a drunk driving conviction can go up anywhere from 50 to 100 percent, according to Moraga who is with the California Insurance Information Network. And that DUI stays on your driving record for 10 years.

"A DUI is not like a regular ticket where you'll get a point on your record for three years," said Moraga.

In fact your insurance company may cancel your policy.  For some people getting auto insurance can be nearly impossible.

"There are some insurers that won't even touch a person that has a DUI," said Moraga. For those people there is the California run Assigned Risk Pool. That pool is made up of insurance companies that write policies in the state and is the most expensive you can buy.

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