‘The Fight to Clear My Name is Not Over': Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher Releases Video

The 3-minute video is titled #thetruthiscoming and was posted on Gallagher’s Facebook page

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The Navy SEAL Special Operations Chief who was found guilty of taking a photo with the corpse of an Islamic State militant group fighter released a 3-minute video on Facebook on Monday with the headline #thetruthiscoming. Edward Gallager was found not guilty of other charges against him for murder and attempted murder in July.

Edward Gallagher narrated the video which appears to be a part of a larger project to share his side of the story ---after he was accused of fatally stabbing a wounded fighter for the Islamic State militant group, taking a picture with the corpse and shooting two civilians while in Iraq in 2017.

“Even though I went to trial, exposed all the lies that were said about me by certain cowards in my platoon, and found not guilty; there are those to this day who refuse to accept that fact,” Gallagher said in the video posted on Facebook.

'Unfortunately, the fight to clear my name is not over," Gallagher adds in the video.

The short video shows interview footage with several men who appear to be talking about the incidents in 2017 involving Gallagher.

After the interview clips, the men are identified by name and with a photo. In total, seven men are identified. Seven SEALS also testified during Gallagher’s trial – it’s unclear if the men in the video are the same seven individuals who testified.

Some of the men identified in Gallagher's video have nicknames attached like “Crying” and “The Joker.”

“The truth has never been fully exposed about what really happened. You may think you know, but you have no idea. For those who have and continue to slander my name, the truth is coming,” said Gallagher in the Facebook video.

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