The ‘Dump Outside the Dump'

Local residents want to clean up the "dump outside the dump."

It may be because the site is isolated and pitch-dark at night, or it may be because dumping there is a way to avoid paying fees at the city's Miramar landfill, but what is known is that a stretch of Kearny Villa Road near the dump is a real eyesore much of the time. Piles of trash -- everything from plastic bags full of who knows what to old tires to paint cans -- are being dumped alongside the four-lane road next to the the Marine Corps Air Station and directly beneath the flight path of the jets practicing touch-and-go's. 

The spot is also a favorite of hoards of bicyclists, since it's the most direct route between Mission Bay and inland communities like Poway and Scripps Ranch.

Officials from the city's Environmental Health and Management Department, which is in charge of trash collection, call this stretch of road one of its hot spots, a place where people frequently and illegally dump trash.

It is probably no coincidence either that the site is only a couple miles from the city landfill. 

The city's enforcement team said they would love to catch the culprits in action and are asking for the public's help finding them. Anybody who sees someone dumping anything along a city street is being urged to write down license plate number and contact the Environmental Health and Management Department.

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