The Cost of Driving

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The cost of owning and driving a car is up about $300 from last year according to one study.

The Automobile Association of America released its annual “Your Driving Costs” studying the cost of a car depending on fuel, maintenance, tires, insurance, depreciation, finance costs and taxes.

The average cost for driving an average car in the year 2011 is approximately $8800 or 58.5 cents per mile according to AAA.

In 2010, the same vehicle driving the same distance was approximately $8500 according to the survey.

The cost is lower for smaller cars and increases for 4WDSUV and mini vans.

You can use their worksheet to determine the cost of driving your own vehicle.

One way to lower your costs, according to AAA, is to make sure you keep up with repairs on your car.

The study was first published in 1950 when gas sold for about 27 cents a gallon.

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