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The City of San Diego Wants to Give You Your Money Back

The individual refund amounts range from $1 to $77,500

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The city of San Diego announced Monday more than $840,000 can be returned to nearly 1,070 residents and business owners who have paid for city services or have done business with the city during the last three years.

The individual refund amounts range from $1 to $77,500 and must be claimed by June 20, 2022. According to the city, the most common types of unclaimed monies are returned checks for overpayment of business taxes, overpaid utilities and other fees. Checks that remain uncashed after six months become unclaimed money.

"We want San Diegans to know that one of these checks could be theirs," said Roma Nichols, acting disbursement manager with the city's Department of Finance. "We encourage people to check their name or business name on the city website a couple of times throughout the year.

"Searching the report is free, the process to request a refund is easy and we want to get every single dollar back to its rightful owner," Nichols said.

In 2021, the city returned around $600,800 to 75 recipients -- only 42% of the unclaimed money. The average claim was $8,011.

Payees have one year after check issuance to claim their money. For checks issued before April 1, 2021, the last day to submit a claim is Monday, June 20. Unclaimed funds will be transferred to the city's general fund on July 1, 2022. To view the report, visit the city's website here.

There is no charge to search the report or to file a claim. To submit a claim, print and complete the  Unclaimed Monies Form and mail it to:

City of San Diego, Department of Finance
Unclaimed Monies Claim Processing
202 C St. -- Mail Station 7A
San Diego, CA 92101

Once the claim is verified, a check will be issued in three to four weeks, according to the city.

If the thousands who are owed money don't claim their checks within the deadline, it becomes part of the City's General Fund and will no longer be available for claiming.

Questions about unclaimed monies may be submitted to or 619-236-6310.

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