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The Chain Gang: Torrey Pines Hikers Get Creative to Watch Farmers Open

Hikers at Torrey Pines Preserve this week can get a glimpse of the Farmers Insurance Open by looking through the chain-link fence on the 7th hole of the North Course

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So, you’re hiking through Torrey Pines Preserve this week, making your way on the trails and boom!

Next thing you know you’re watching the PGA Tour's Farmers Insurance Open through the fence.

"We didn't know we could this," said a surprised hiker named Susan Halverson.

Another hiker from out of town said, "We just went on a normal hike and had no idea it was beside a golf course, so now we're watching through a chain-link fence."

While many are first-timers fencers at this spot behind the 7th tee box on the North Course, others are fence veterans.

"I usually hike Torrey Pines and saw people going up on top, and figured I'd park on top and I knew I could peek through."

So, what’s it like watching pro golf through a fence?

The answers were pretty positive.


"Very excited about it."


One fence view even downplayed his need for a ticket.

"How much closer do you want to get?"

Well, you are far from the hole and the view is a bit obscured, after all, it's not ideal to look through a fence, but it’s not your boring golf experience.

"It's way better to watch through a fence, it's more exciting," said one hiker.

"It's definitely different than on a TV, up close and personal."

So, who’s the chain gang looking for? Which golfers do they want to see?

One San Diego resident stayed true to his roots.

"I like to go for the local guys, Xander Schauffele, I'd like to see Phil Mickelson do something."

Many of the hikes snapped pictures or took videos on their cell phones to document this unique experience.

Halverson sent a few fence pictures to her future son-in-law, but he wasn’t that impressed.

"He said you know I could've gotten you free tickets."

When asked if this was her best walk ever, she smiled and said "better than all our Colorado hikes" before turning and heading off down the trail.

Golf is definitely not a good walk spoiled for these hikers at Torrey Pines.

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