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On Average, It Costs The Same to Rent in San Diego and Honolulu, According to a New Study

You could be living in Hawaii for the same average price of rent as you pay in San Diego, according to a new analysis of data.

You could be living in Honolulu, Hawaii...

That's according to a new Walletwyse analysis of the average monthly apartment rental costs, using data from Numbeo. The analysis looked at 540 cities worldwide. 

San Diego landed 14th on the list with an average monthly apartment rental price of $1,900 a month. Honolulu has the same average rental price, as do Luxembourg, Luxembourg and Dublin, Ireland. You could also live in Arlington, Va. for the same price. 

San Francisco topped the list as the world's most expensive average rental market price: a whopping $3,500 per month. 

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