‘That's Why We Got the Shot, Right?': Vaccinated San Diegans React to New Mask Guidance

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Good news travels fast, especially when it comes to relaxing the rules around masks and social distancing. 

Word that the Centers for Disease Control said people who are fully vaccinated don’t need to wear masks indoors or outdoors was greeted with elation in Solana Beach.

“I think It’s about time,” said Johnny Quinones of Encinitas. “I mean, that’s why we get the shot, right? So we can get back to normal.”

Quinones was getting his hair cut at Bob’s Barber Shop in Solana Beach, where barber Nicholas Downs said most customers are fully vaccinated.

“They’re just ready to get back to normal and I think the thing has run its course,” he said.

Everyone inside the barbershop was wearing a mask since California has not yet said whether the state will embrace the new CDC guidelines. Governor Gavin Newsom has said he expects to ease mask rules on June 15.

Next door at Lomas, the rules are more relaxed. Owner Fati Feeney told NBC 7 her customers are adults who can make their own choices. 

“We ask each customer what they’d like us to do and it’s a comfort level, it’s a respect level, it’s a maturity level I think we can all handle," she explained.

If customers want to wear masks, Feeney said she will wear one out of respect for their wishes.

As for the CDC announcement, Feeney said it's about time.

"I think everybody’s really excited, so it’s like, you’re getting vaccinated so why not? That’s kinda the point of it, so you can take off your mask," she said.

Melanie and Art Kalemba put their masks on to shop at Lomas out of respect for others inside the store, but outside they called the relaxed masking rules great news.

“We’re vaccinated, so we’re happy about that," said Melanie.

NBC 7 reached out to both the California Department of Public Health and to San Diego County to find out whether the CDC guidelines apply here. A spokesman for the county sent an email that said, “The County, as always, will follow CDC and CDPH guidance.” The spokesperson added that the county is still waiting to hear how the CDPH plans to handle the situation.

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