Thanksgiving Weekend Boosts San Diego's Economy

You might not think about it this way, but the Thanksgiving holiday is a boon to San Diego’s economy.

Among the reasons is that it’s a noticeably busy tourism time for America’s Finest City.

SANDAG estimates about 366,000 additional cars come to San Diego, driving an average of 245 miles for the holidays.

Ninety-one percent of our city’s visitors come here by car, so be prepared for extra traffic this holiday weekend.

On the feasting side, there's plent of money spent. On Thanksgiving, San Diegans consume 428,000 turkeys and spend $15 million on the dinner, according to SANDAG.

On Black Friday, it’s more of the same story. San Diego shoppers spend $553,000 on the day after Thanksgiving and the average resident will spend $163.

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