Random Act of Kindness a Mystery for San Diego Tourist

Woman gets anonymous kindness in the mail

Courtesy photo

A piece of kindness will be the souvenir one woman remembers most from her trip to San Diego.  But she has no idea who gave it to her.

Susana Serna recently spent a few days in San Diego on vacation from Tacoma, Washington.   Almost every day during the trip she says she ran along the downtown waterfront.  At some point during a run on Harbor Island, Serna dropped her driver’s license.  She didn’t realize the license was gone until the end of her trip.  Fortunately, she had her passport to help get her home, but was still concerned the wrong person may have picked up her license.

“I realized there’s a lot of personal information on there,” Serna told NBC 7 Monday.

Serna says before she could file a police report, something arrived in the mail.  It was an envelope with no return address.  Inside was her driver’s license, and a note that read:

“I found your drivers license on a recent walk around Harbor Island in San Diego.  I wanted to return it to you to make sure you got it back.  Have a great day!”

The note was not signed.

“I was very grateful,” says Serna, “I almost cried.”

She says she realizes it may not seem like much to most people, but to her it was a big deal that someone went out of their way for her.

“We always remember the bad people, but we hardly every say things about the good people,” she says, “I think we need more stories like this.”

So, whoever you are out there, your letter found its owner, and she says thank you.

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