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Terminal Patient Sues Cancer ‘Expert' Over Alternative Curing Therapies

A judge criticized the so-called expert for defrauding vulnerable patients for thousands of dollars with alternative treatment plans

A self-proclaimed cancer expert convicted of practicing medicine without a license is facing a huge lawsuit from a former patient who blames his treatment for her terminal illness.

Judge Richard Whitney criticized so-called expert Robert Young for defrauding vulnerable patients for thousands of dollars before sentenced him to three years, eight months in custody.

Young told patients that a special “alkaline diet,” along with massage and colon therapy, is the key to treating all disease and the best way to extend life.

He is now defending his controversial therapies in civil court, where former patient Dawn Kali is suing him for fraud and other wrongdoing.

Kali told the jury she was diagnosed with breast cancer 10 years ago. She explained in detail how she rejected chemotherapy, radiation and other conventional Western cancer treatments and instead followed Young’s advice and alternative treatments.

Kali said her cancer continued to spread, despite Young’s reassurances that his treatments, if followed strictly, would cure her disease.

One of Kali’s attorneys, Bibi Fell, said her client now has stage four invasive breast cancer and has a life expectancy of about four years.

Kali’s lawyers are asking the jury to award their client more than $10 million in general and punitive damages.

In an interview outside the courtroom, Young defended his anti-disease regimes and claimed statistics show his special diet and other therapies can extend his patients’ lives for years, regardless of their illness.

According to court documents, Young’s attorney disputes Kali’s allegations and says she knew that Young was not a medical doctor, and that she voluntarily chose to follow his alternative treatments.

The defense also claims that Young’s treatments did not cause Kali's cancer, and still probably helped extend her life.

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