Teens Vandalize Carlsbad High School

A group of teenagers were caught vandalizing a North County high school overnight, police confirmed.

The vandalism happened around 1:30 a.m. at Carlsbad High School located at 3557 Monroe Street.

Apparent damages included broken doors and smashed windows (see below), among other unspecified damages.

When police arrived at the campus they located several teenage boys and girls on school grounds. The teens were detained and questioned by police. They were released to their parents officials said.

It is unclear if the alleged vandals are students at Carlsbad High School.

Police have not yet confirmed the total cost of the damages to the school.

Whether charges will be filed will be decided once authorities release their investigative reports to the district attorney.

Carlsbad police say some of the kids may go through a so-called "diversion program" outside the criminal system.

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