Teens Tasered at Son of Kidnap Victim’s Home: Neighbors

Crest Taser party house
Artie Ojeda

The house where sheriff's detectives confirmed last night's attack took place -- in which party-goers were tasered by unidentified male suspects -- is owned by son of a man who was recently kidnapped in Baghdad, according to neighbors.

Issa Salomi, an Iraqi-American contractor was kidnapped in January and released in March.

At least three neighbors said Monday that Issa Salomi is connected to the home, as does a White Pages address reversal. Property records, however, do not show that Salomi owns the house.

There is no apparent connection, however, between the kidnapping and the incident overnight in Crest, in which gunmen used Tasers disrupted a party and tied up teenagers on Sunday evening, according to investigators.

At least three neighbors say Issa Salomi is connected to the home as does a white pages address reversal. Property records, however, do not show that Salomi owns the house.

According to an investigating detective with the sheriff's department in Alpine, the seven victims in the case are in their late teens and early 20s. He said there are three male suspects, however, but that the victims provided "little or no description" of the suspects.

On Monday morning, a group of five people, all of whom appeared to be in their late teens or early 20s, shouted through a gate that nothing had happened at the home.

Neighbors, though, have a different story, saying that Salomi's son lives at the property.

The neighbors, who all requested to remain anonymous, but none seemed surprised by the events of Sunday night. They say there has been "plenty of activity" at the house before and that there were helicopters hovering overhead overnight and that detectives were heard yelling at residents to put their hands up.

The sheriff's detective said Monday that the victims were randomly accosted. Two were Tasered and two were tied up; one of the tied-up victims was Tasered.

The detective said it appears that two of the victims lived at the house, apparently a boyfriend and girlfriend.

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