Teens Slam Into Cars, Home With ‘Borrowed' Car

Two teens could be in a lot of trouble after what sounds like a joyride that ended in disaster.

Police say the teens were driving a “borrowed” car in the 2400 block of Arista Court in Mission Hills when they lost control, slamming into two parked cars and a house.

Sleeping homeowners were jolted out of bed just after 4 a.m. One homeowner says she thought it was an earthquake.

“I was just shaking, I was just shaking,” Sarah Davis said.

Another homeowner says he ran outside and saw one of the teens lying in a pool of blood. To his amazement, the teen got up and ran away, along with his friend.

Officers found the duo at a nearby home where they were staying and took them to a local hospital to be treated.  Police believe that alcohol may have been involved.

The teens were staying with a friend in the neighborhood and borrowed the homeowner’s car, who was away at the time, residents said.

The driver could be facing several charges including DUI.

No one in the home was injured.

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