Teens Tied to Waterpark Vandalism

Tenagers are accused of doing thousands of dollars of damage to the Wave Waterpark

In the summer heat, you'd expect teenagers to flock to a water park. But what two teens are accused of doing to the Wave in Vista over the last two months has nothing to do with keeping cool.

The teenagers, ages 16 and 17, were arrested and accused of burning park property and throwing an automatic external defribrillator into the pool. The piece of equipment alone is worth thousands of dollars, according to San Diego County Sheriff's detective Robert Johnson.

Damage is estimated at $18,000. The suspects face charges of arson, felony vandalism and conspiracy, Johnson told the North County Times.

Several hours after the July 29 vandalism, a park employee noticed a young man loitering in the area ---- he resembled one of the vandalism suspects caught on the park's surveillance video, Johnson said. That led to the arrests.

As for why the teenagers decided to damage the water park owned by the city of Vista, the motive is unclear. If one of them says they were "just bored," we think a felony charge of "stupidity" should be tacked on with a punishment of cleaning pool drains as the sentence.

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