Teenage Girls Sexually Assaulted in PQ

Police still working to identify suspects


Police are close to identifying two men who may have attacked teenage girls on Saturday night in their Rancho Penasquitos neighborhood.

A local community met with police Wednesday night for more information about a brutal assault that happened in their own backyard on the 12000 block of Spindletop Rd.

Police now have a better idea of who may have committed the crime. They told community members at the meeting that they are interviewing the victims and are following two suspects.

They have a sketch of the first suspect, but say it has been difficult developing the sketch of a second suspect because he was wearing a hoodie and bandanna of over his face.

Around 8:30 that night, two teenage guests decided to go for a walk. The 15 and 16 year old girls stopped and sat under a tree at a nearby park, where police say they were met by two knife-toting criminals.

One placed a knife to one of the victim's throats. The other put his hand over the mouth of the other victim. Police say the men ordered the girls to another area of the park and sexually assaulted them.

The men let the teens go when one of the girl's parents called their names, looking for them.
Police say the men took off on a bike.

A lot of people were asking if police believed the suspect were migrant workers, living in the canyons. Police said they are sure the suspects aren't migrant workers and even told those at the meeting that the suspects seemed to be very familiar with the area, giving them reason to believe that they may live here.

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