Teen Tries to Steal Soda, Gets Stuck in Vending Machine

A 17-year-old trying to swipe a soda from a vending machine became stuck in the receiving slot, prompting an elaborate, hour-long rescue by authorities

A 17-year-old boy got in way over his head when he tried to steal a soda from a vending machine and became stuck in the machine’s receiving slot.

Police said the incident happened around 5 a.m. Saturday morning at the trolley station on the west end of 22nd Street in National City.

The teen – who police said is a student at Sweetwater High School -- stuck his arm into the receiving slot of a vending machine in an attempt to steal a soda and got wedged inside the slot, according to authorities.

A trolley rider spotted the trapped teen and called police.

Firefighters, police, paramedics and trolley security all showed up at the scene to assist in getting the high school student out of the Coke machine.

After a failed attempt to get the keys for the soda machine, authorities determined they had to take the rescue up a notch and began using axes to chop at the sides of the vending machine.

When that method failed, rescuers tried using crowbars – also to no avail.

Authorities then requested a fire engine with saws and hydraulic tools. They used a rotary saw and air chisel to dismantle the vending machine and eventually, the teen was extricated from the tight opening.

The entire rescue took about an hour, police said.

Medics at the scene treated the teen for scrapes and soreness to his arm caused by numerous attempts to free himself.

The teen was then taken into custody by police who said he may face charges for petty theft. Authorities said the teen might also have to foot the bill for fire and medical services, as well as damages to the soda machine.

In the end, the teenager never got his soda.

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