San Diego

Teen Shot in Neck After Leaving Mira Mesa House Party

Shards of glass line the quiet cul de sac in the 7700 block of Embry Point, the place where a teen was shot in the neck during a party Saturday night.

The 19-year–old victim was in the back seat of a car, leaving the party with his friends when he was shot through the window.

For neighbors, rowdy parties from the house happen too often and almost always end in violence. One person who wanted to remain anonymous says some neighbors have even installed cameras because the parties have gotten so out of control.

The shooting happened just before 2 a.m. Sunday. Police say the victim's friends drove him to the hospital, and he suffered minor injuries.

Neighbors blame the people who live in the house.

“This is a family neighborhood,” an anonymous neighbor said. “I mean there's blood and glass all over the street. There was a little boy walking by it earlier and was asking about it."

One resident said he wants to apologize to his neighbors and hopes the victim is okay. He said the people who came to his party had no other intentions but to start trouble and he thinks they need to be put behind bars. He said he and the others who live in the house plan to move out of the neighborhood within the next two days.

Northeastern Division officers are investigating the shooting.

There is no suspect description at this time. Police said witnesses at the scene told them they didn't "see anything."

Anyone with information is urged to contact police.

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