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Teen Owns Up to Spinning Donuts on Field of Park in Scripps Ranch

In an anonymous message published in a community newsletter, the culprit called the shenanigans a "poor decision"

A teenager took out an ad in a community newsletter so they could 'fess up to spinning donuts on the field of a park in Scripps Ranch.

You might recall an incident last December, when a truck drove through Jerabek Park, destroying part of its field and damaging the sprinkler system.

Seven months later, the teen responsible paid for an ad on the last page of the Scripps Ranch Civic Association's August newsletter and wrote an anonymous apology.

jerebek park apology

"I was at the park that night along with some friends and we thought it would be cool to drive on the grass. This poor decision caused damage that adversely affected many people who use the park and for that I am truly sorry,” the apology read in part.

The teen added they are paying for the damage out of their savings and are volunteering for community service.

No other information was available.

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