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Teen Expecting to Meet 2 Women from Dating App was Beaten, Robbed: SDPD

A teenager who arranged to meet up with a pair of women he connected with on a dating app was beaten, mugged and carjacked when he got to the date.

The San Diego Police Department said the attack happened around 2:30 Wednesday morning on 44th Street near Landis Street in City Heights.

Mid City police are on the lookout for six suspects, four men and two women. Investigators say they used the dating app to lure the unsuspecting teenager.

Police say the victim met the women at a baseball field then walked a few blocks to where the four men attacked him.

Bloodied and beaten, the victim made it to Antonio Jimenez’s front door to ask for help. Luckily, in the middle of the night, Jimenez, a complete stranger, answered the door.

"It looked big because it was like a lot of blood but I am pretty sure it was just a little scrape from the cement,” Jimenez said of the victim’s injuries. "He was just in shock. He was in shock. Pretty sure just full of adrenaline."

The young man told Jimenez he was hit in the head and knocked to the ground. The thieves stole his car keys then took off with his pickup truck which had his wallet and phone inside, and his dates were swept away, too.

"It could have been worse, to be honest,” Jimenez said. “They could have stabbed him or shot the guy."

Officer gave chase until the suspects bailed out on foot at 46th Street and El Cajon Boulevard.

Jimenez says the victim wasn't familiar with City Heights and didn’t live nearby. He said the victim told him the truck belonged to his dad.

"I guess his mistake was, he is just young. This will be like a learning experience for him, I am pretty sure,” Jimenez said.

SDPD recommends a number of safe online dating tips, including letting a family member or friend know about your plans and to consider meeting in the daytime.

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