Tearful San Diego Fans Mourn David Bowie

“He was just such a debonair, suave, sophisticated guy,” said one true fan

david bowie vigil
The Feast

David Bowie’s death brought several dozen of his hardcore, tearful San Diego fans to the Valley View Casino Center Monday to mourn the passing of a music icon.

Bowie, who died Sunday after a secret 18 month battle with cancer, performed at the venue several times during his career.

The last minute event was organized by local rock station KGB after a listener called in asking where fans could gather in his memory.

At the venue, fans lit candles at sunset, sang together and wrote messages to Bowie on a large white piece of paper.

“He was just such a debonair, suave, sophisticated guy,” said Kari Miller, who drove from Chula Vista with her adult daughter to share in the grief with like-music-minded strangers.

She said she has seen the “man who fell to earth” about 13 times in concert. Miller has gathered every one of his albums.

“[My daughter] was raised on him, and he was basically my first obsession” she said.

Miller’s message on the paper echoed that thought: “David dearest: you were my first obsession.” She likened his death to the day John Lennon died, when there was a similar sense of unexpected sadness.

In Kensington Monday, the owners of the Kensington Gallery put together their own Bowie tribute, building a makeshift memorial in a window display.

Some believe Bowie’s final album, released just a few days ago, hinted at his death – a final parting gift.

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