San Diego Unified School District

Teachers Deal with New Worries Amid Distance Learning

Teacher Joanne Ensign teaches kindergarten and transitional kindergarten to students from Ocean Beach Elementary School

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When it comes to distance learning, teachers have had to make a lot of changes very quickly.

NBC 7 checked back in with a kindergarten teacher in the San Diego Unified School District to find out how it was going from a teacher’s perspective.

“It’s going well,” said Joanne Ensign who teaches at Ocean Beach Elementary School. “Kids are participating…. kids are doing it, they’re doing it.”

But Ensign said the participation is inconsistent, and when students do not check in she worries. 

I immediately go to – is their family sick? Is something wrong? They didn’t check in today.

Joanne Ensign Ocean Beach Elementary School teacher

Ensign and other school staff track the students to make sure everyone is OK, but she is concerned about grading when she’s not seeing the learning happening. 

“Is older brother doing it? Is mom or dad feeding too many answers? she wonders. She also wonders about grading students who have not participated at all.  

Adding to all that uncertainty and worry is Governor Gavin Newsom’s announcing schools could reopen as soon as late July. 

“To be honest, I feel like I’m going to need a mental break in July …Teaching is a very loving and nurturing profession, and we do need time to recharge and fill ourselves back up again," Ensign said.

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