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Taxi Drivers Under Attack Near Airport, 1 Suspect Arrested

San Diego taxi drivers say they are under attack near the airport and the Harbor Police Department is trying to take reports from as many of them as possible.

In the last few weeks, at least 18 taxi cabs have been hit by what police say could be BB gun shots or rocks. Drivers have no clue where the shots are coming from.

"I'm coming from Point Loma, on my way to the [airport] holding lot, I hear a noise between Sheraton and the second light," driver Asage Obgn said. When he got to the lot, he noticed his windshield was broken.

Obgn said he was hit at around 7 p.m. Saturday night.

Harbor police arrested a suspect on Saturday and charged him with two misdemeanors. According to investigators, there is at least one outstanding suspect.

Drivers say they’re being targeted along Harbor Avenue near the San Diego Airport, often times at night with customers in their cars.

"These are dents on the body or window of the car,” Alex Tegegma said pointing to his cab. “There are 11 now, there could be more."

Tegegma and other drivers say the frequency makes them think it’s not just some accident. Since they’re unsure what’s hitting their car, they’re unsure of what kind of danger they’re really in.

"They must be using a stone that breaks the window, or they're using maybe a gun -- whatever it is we don't know. This is really, really dangerous for us and the customers," Driver Abdulahi Noor said.

The Harbor Police Department is asking anyone with information regarding the incidents or possible suspects to contact them at (619) 686-6596.

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