Beware of Tax Season Threats from Con Artists

Scam calls pick up closer to tax deadline

Scam artists will try to steal your money 12 months out of the year. But they seem to up their game around tax time.

In fact, if you haven't received a call or email from someone claiming to be from the IRS, consider yourself lucky.

"Scams and schemes take on many variations and nuances," said IRS spokesperson Raphael Tulino.

Tulino says phony calls, emails and websites claiming to be from the IRS are nothing more than ways for con artists to trick you out of your money.

"Where somebody is acting like they're from the IRS and demanding immediate tax payment, threatening arrest or a lawsuit or deportation and acting in that type of manner," said Tulino.

But federal officials say don't be intimidated because the IRS does not send uninitiated emails or make random threatening phone calls out of the blue. Before the IRS would actually call, they would send out numerous letters.

But what if you do take the bait and allow a crook to steal your tax return, how long will it take to straighten things out with the IRS?

Tulino says it's not a quick fix, it can take as much as four or five months.

So if you do get a call, the IRS says hang up. If you get an email, delete it. Without your cooperation, most of these IRS scams don't work.

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