San Diego

Tavern+Bowl North County Closes in Escondido

The company's CEO said they closed the restaurant with a "heavy heart"

The Tavern+Bowl North County restaurant and bowling alley has closed one of its locations.

After almost seven years in Escondido, the restaurant shut down last Saturday on Aug. 26. Head Pinsetter Daniel Hurd, the company's CEO, said they had to shut the place down when lease negotiations did not work out.

"We were forced to close our doors when lease negotiations with Westfield failed," said Hurd, in a statement. "Please trust that the closing of Tavern+Bowl North County is done with a heavy heart."

Hurd said they are aware of the impact this closure has on employees, managers and the general community.

"The hard truth is, as we look to expand the Tavern+Bowl brand, this location would never become a viable part of the company’s future due to the aggressive terms of our lease agreement with Westfield," explained Hurd.

"If the decision was solely ours, we would still be operating at this location," added Hurd.

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