Tattoo Shop Damaged in Arson: Investigators

Five months ago, one of the business owners was injured in a robbery

Fire damaged an El Cajon tattoo parlor early Thursday five months after the business owner fought of gun-toting robbers.

Investigators say the fire was set at Classic Tattoo on Broadway just before 1 a.m.

Jimmy Blue and his business partners own the shop and he said they just can't catch a break.

In February, the shop was robbed at gunpoint. One of the owners was struck several times with a gun and suffered serious injuries.

Blue believes the fire may be related to that incident. Now, he says his employees are left without jobs.

“I have 8 employees who just lost their livelihoods, equipment they own totally engulfed in flames,” Blue said.

The shop has been at the location for 13 years. There were no surveillance cameras at the property.

“That’s a long time. Hopefully we get it resolved,” Blue said. “I don’t know what is gonna happen."

“Some kind of justice needs to be served and it needs to be swift and fluent,” he said. “That doesn’t necessary have to deal with the police.”

La Mesa Fire Capt. Bent Koch said there was some smoke and water damage to the nearby pet grooming business. Koch said one pet had to be rescued.

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