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Tattoo Removal Company Abruptly Shuts Its Doors, Clients Lose Thousands of Dollars

Dr. Tattoff closed all California locations without notification on Feb. 6

A tattoo removal company abruptly shut its doors, including locations in Southern California, leaving clients with half removed tattoos and out of a lot of money.

Some of the clients have lost thousands of dollars, and they are still stuck with their unwanted tattoos.

The closest Dr. Tattoff locations are in Los Angeles and Orange County--locations that several people from San Diego would frequent as well.

San Diego resident Laila Dexter got tattoos on her arms and wrists when she was just 21. She told NBC 7 she’s been going to Dr. Tattoff in the L.A. area for the past couple of years.

But on Feb. 6, every location suddenly closed down.

"Nobody knows anything. They just kind of closed us out," Dexter said.

Dexter said her tattoos still need some work. She was in the middle of her sessions and still had five more to use, paying $2,000 for the package.

"I would just like to know, what is going on? How do you just close a business and shut everybody out?" she added.

Dr. Tattoff and its operations seemed to have disappeared into thin air. The phones at every location are disconnected and the website shows a letter to customers, only listing nearby removal providers.

But the letter said nothing about a refund.

One San Diego company wants to help after hearing the news.

"Patients were showing up to locked doors. Nurses got a text in the morning telling them to not come into work, so game over, they're done," said Holly Della Vedova, owner of Evolve Tattoo Removal.

For anyone who can prove they purchased a package with Dr. Tattoff and still had sessions to use, Evolve is offering the first visit free and 50 percent off sessions after that.

NBC 7 attempted to reach out to Dr. Tattoff for a response, but all contact information for the company has been removed.

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