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Target pulls plug on East Village location

The store was set to open for customers in 2024.

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Just as the excitement was building for Target to open its newest San Diego location downtown, the retail giant suddenly pulled the plug.

Target said they're prepared to keep paying seven figures annually throughout their 15-year lease. The company has already paid out $600,000 to developer Cisterra.

East Village neighbors like Shondel Cartright were excited for the store and said they felt like the rug was pulled out from under them.

“That’s not cool," she said. "Target, what’s wrong with you, man? We need more stores. We need Targets. You know, we need more access for people that don't have cars and etc....”

East Village resident Rose Jaez had her speculations about why this happened.

“We're just thinking that maybe it's because they're close to other supermarkets or maybe something with the building or the licenses,” she said.

Target would’ve taken over the ground floor of Radian — downtown’s most expensive apartment building with rent averaging about $4,700 a month.

The decision comes after theft and organized retail crime pushed the chain to close nine stores across four states, but it’s too early for there to be any theft data for this location.

“East Village has, in a lot of ways, not had great press over the last two or three years because it was built at the center of a lot of turmoil,” said Marco Li Mandri, executive director of the East Village Association.

He said East Village has turned a corner the past year and sees this reset as only a bump in the road.  

“Whether it's Target or it's another use, I think that they're going to do really, really well just because of the density and all the excitement going on around here,” he said.  

“We routinely assess our current projects and have made the decision to no longer pursue a store in this location. We continue to operate 27 stores in San Diego,” a spokesperson from Target said.

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