Talk About a Burger Craving!

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Harold and Kumar might have had a serious craving for burgers, but Escondido’s got them beat. The city has been asking "Where's the beef?" for 18 years.

And it looks like all that waiting will pay off. According to our media partner the North County Times, an In-N-Out location scout visited several potential Escondido sites on Monday.

Scout and real estate agent Mike Bailey said that he had also discussed parking requirements and sign restrictions with city officials, the paper reported.

“We were encouraged by the trip, and I hope to bring the executive committee down there in a week or so to hopefully get a deal done,” he said.

Escondido, although the most populous city in San Diego County does not have an In-N-Out Burger. The soonest beloved “Esco” could see the cult-favorite burger joint? Next spring, Bailey said. Better get in line now if you want one by next summer.

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