Tackled By NFL Game Pass Package Renewal

Viewer contacts NBC 7 Responds for help with an auto-renewal

Kirsten Copenhaver loves the Seattle Seahawks.

But the Talmadge resident cut cable service long ago. In order to watch her beloved Seahawks play, Copenhaver purchased NFL Game Pass package last year.

“I didn’t have cable and I was missing my Seahawks’ games,” said Kirsten.

Copenhaver, however, says she was not pleased with the package.

She says she decided not to renew the subscription for this year.

By July of this year, Kirsten says she “tried in vain to get the package cancelled” but was unsuccessful.

On August 1, Kirsten noticed an unexpected charge on her credit card from NFL Game Pass for $99.99.

She contacted the NFL to cancel but they said she was too late.

“I never got an email from NFL Game Day,” she said.

Kirsten contacted NBC 7 Responds for help.

According to a statement from the NFL, Kirsten was sent three emails beginning in July to notify her of the upcoming charges. The emails, said the spokesperson, were never opened.

In fact, Kirsten later told NBC 7 Responds that the emails had gone to her spam folder.

“It is up to me as the consumer to read the fine print and apparently I didn’t do that or I didn’t do it well enough,” said Kirsten.

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