Switchfoot ‘Let It Happen' in New Music Video

Switchfoot's new music video offers an inside look at the North County band's more than two decade tenure

This morning, Billboard premiered the new music video from Switchfoot's upcoming album "Native Tongue," and man are we happy they "Let It Happen."

The video offers an inside look at the North County band's more than two decade tenure, and it's clear that the feeling of brotherhood isn't exclusive to just frontman Jon Foreman and his brother Tim.

“'It’s a song and a video that embraces our past. This song is about a band of brothers who've weathered many storms together -- and I'm sure there's going be more storms to come. This is a song that acknowledges the fact that though we don't know the future, we have this moment, we have each other,'" Jon told Billboard. 

After releasing their new album on Jan. 18 via Fantasy Records, Switchfoot will head out on a two-month tour starting on Valentine’s Day. 

“'We live in a culture that has forgotten how to speak outside the languages of hatred and fear. I want this album to remind the listener and myself that love is our native tongue. It's not hatred, it's not fear,'" Jon continued in the Billboard feature, which you can read in full here.

As Billboard notes, Jon and the rest of the band really live up to the ideal of love by giving back through the annual Encinitas Bro-Am benefit concert and surf contest. The festival always has bands we're psyched about (Switchfoot included), and it's helped raise millions of dollars for the various charities that are involved.

“'We believe you can't just sing about hope, you have to do something. So the Switchfoot Bro-Am has been that thing that allows us to give back to our favorite place on the planet. It's actually the thing I’m the most proud of. Some of my favorite moments have been on stage in my own hometown at the Bro-Am,'” Foreman said in the interview. 

They're some of our proudest moments as a city, as well.

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