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Swastika Signs Found Inside USD Restroom Concern Students, Teachers

Students said they were shocked and disturbed to learn of the incident.

Swastika signs found inside a University of San Diego (USD) restroom are bringing the issue of Anti-Semitism to campus.

Skylar Ouart, who lives in the dorm where the swastika signs were found, said he finds the symbol offensive and is surprised it happened on campus. 

“I have some friends that are Jewish and they were really offended by it too," he said. "They took it kind of personally. They even emailed our resident administrator."

Many of the students found out about the Swastika incident through an email sent by Dean of Students Donald Goodwin. 

USD Graduate Student Alexis Santana said she received the Dean's email and was disturbed by the news. 

"We got the email about religious tolerance, and you definitely don't want to see that on any campus, especially here. That is very disgusting, honestly," Santana said. 

In a statement, USD said they do not take acts of intolerance lightly, and will continue to share messages of hope, inclusiveness and respect for every human being.

A Jewish professor on campus said he experienced a similar incident after the Nov. 8 election. Doctor Shai Cherry, who teaches courses about the Holocaust on campus, said someone left feces in front of the door to his office. 

The Anti-Defamation League said they were aware of the incidents, but did not have proof the incident involving Cherry was an anti-Semitic threat.

Cherry said he is concerned about similar acts of hatred on campus.

However, since the swastika signs were found nearly two weeks ago, he said, there have not been any more incidents. 

ADL Regional Director Tami Gillies said there has been a normalization of hateful rhetoric in our country. Tuesday, four ADL offices across the country received threats.

Groups on USD’s campus have been holding events this past month giving students the opportunity to express their concerns over acts of intolerance.

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