Swarm of Choppers Spotted

Cue the Wagner

Break out the best Robert Duvall movie quote of all time.

San Diegans spotted a swarm of helicopters flying in formation between Camp Pendleton and MCAS Miramar Tuesday morning.

Marine Corps pilots flew 25 Cobra and Huey helicopters as part of a training operation. The mission, according to a Marine Corps spokesperson is designed in part to teach leadership skills and help pilots learn how to operate in large scale operations with numerous aircraft.

It's also an opportunity to give the public a glimpse of the new Huey and its capabilities in action.

It is extremely rare to see such a large number of helicopters flying in formation. If it were to happen in a real-world scenario it would only be in the case of a major joint operation.

Of course, around this newsroom, there was more than one person humming Ride of the Valkyries. We suggest you open the link in a separate window to get the full effect.  

Marine Corps officials say the noise associated with the training operation will be much louder than normal flight operations. Anyone with questions or concerns are being asked to call MCAS Miramar's noise complaint hotline at (858)-577-4277.

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