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Suspicious Man Described in Nextdoor Post Could be Man SDPD Knows as ‘Rambo'

If the man is who the San Diego Police Department thinks he is, then he’s no stranger at all

A man police have dubbed “Rambo” is causing mischief in San Carlos.

A post on the Nextdoor app from a man named Dan details two frightening encounters he had with a suspicious stranger up to no good on his block on the same night.

If the man is who the San Diego Police Department thinks he is, then he’s no stranger at all.

Dan first saw the man on his across-the-street neighbor’s property on Bobhird Drive Friday night as he took out the trash. He said the man triggered a light in his neighbor’s front yard.

The suspicious man was shirtless, which Dan thought odd given the temperature that night, and was moving toward Dan’s neighbor’s front door.

Dan couldn’t see what the man was doing but says he waited near the door for about a minute and jogged in place for a moment before he broke into his neighbor Lisa’s car parked in the driveway, he said.

At that point, Dan started walking towards the man. When he yelled to get his attention, the man took off on foot.

The incident was reported to police.

But the strange man returned, according to Dan, who thinks he saw the same man by Lisa's front door later a few hours later. 

As he picked up his phone to call 911, the suspicious man began walking quickly across the street toward Dan’s house.

“I don't know if he saw the light on my phone through the window, or what,” Dan wrote on his Nextdoor post.

Just as Dan was connected with a dispatcher, the man had reached his door.

“Not knowing if he was going to try to break his way in or not, I immediately went into my garage and grabbed a 45lb Olympic weight plate while talking to 911 with my other hand. A pretty ridiculous choice in hindsight, but that's all I could think to grab in the moment,” Dan wrote.

Dan said the man walked along his front windows and gates for a few moments before he walked way heading south on Bobhird. Minutes later, several officers arrived at Dan’s house.

“Interestingly, the senior officer said our description sounded like someone they refer to as 'Rambo' (I've never heard this before). He said this guy is known to our neighborhood and that SDPD has had previous contacts for incidents with this guy,” Dan wrote.

SDPD has apparently been looking for a man they call Rambo for a while and say he’s been terrorizing the San Carlos neighborhood for years, engaging in similarly bizarre behavior described by Dan.

Rambo is described as a man in his 20s, 5 feet 8 inches tall, with a stocky build and shoulder-length hair.

Neighbors told NBC 7 they've seen an increase in transients coming through the neighborhood in the past year.

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