Suspicious Packages Found Under SUV

The bomb squad found five or six packages attached to the SUV either by tape or by some type of magnet.

San Diego police are investigating how several suspicious packages were attached to a man's SUV Monday.

San Diego Police said the man called 911 around 9 a.m. from a Chevron gas station on Murphy Canyon Road at Aero Drive just west of Interstate 15.

Apparently the man pulled up to Pump 5 to get gas when he noticed something suspicious on the undercarriage of his SUV.

He took the package off the vehicle and placed it in his passenger seat before calling police, officials said.

“It’s pretty rare. It’s the first time I’ve been on scene where something like this has happened where they called in and they were the ones that found it,” said Lt. Paul Phillips with San Diego Police.

The bomb squad cleared everyone from the gas station and car wash as they moved in to investigate.

"Out of nowhere, I see a bunch of cars coming in cop cars. Next thing I know, everyone is telling us to evacuate, so it's pretty crazy, little surreal," said Roger Vu.

The squad found five or six packages attached to the SUV either by tape or by some type of magnet. There were no explosives present, officials said.

Police described the packages as shoe-sized, cylindrical, metallic and electrical devices, which are being tested for chemicals.

San Diego police detectives were taking over the investigation.

Phillips said he would not be surprised if the packages contained drugs.

Phillips said the driver was being extremely cooperative. The man was able to take his car from the scene, officials said.

“I probably would not have taken it off myself,” Phillips said warning other motorists who find themselves in a similar situation not to do the same.

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