Suspects in Naked Woman’s Beating Held Without Bail


Two people accused of assaulting a young woman and dumping her along a South County freeway were ordered held without bail pending an arraignment next week.

Cathy McCoy, 47, and Christopher Carrera, 32 knew the woman found naked, slashed and badly bruised along State Route 125 on Aug. 18

Defense attorneys wouldn't comment on the nature of the relationship or how things escalated to these circumstances.

The woman told police she was abducted in an SUV while approaching a house in City Heights

At an arraignment Wednesday, prosecutors dropped attempted murder charges against McCoy and Carrera.

While the DA's office isn't commenting on why they're not prosecuting attempted murder counts, investigators say the victim's life was in serious jeopardy after a brutal attack that ended with her being kicked, punched and dragged down a freeway embankment

The pair still faces charges ranging from kidnapping, sexual assault and assault with a deadly weapon and intimidation.

"They know that they're looking at a lot of time. I mean, it's a very serious case,” said McCoy’s co-counsel Kerry Armstrong.

McCoy has an undisclosed disability and although she knows her co-defendant, her lawyers say they are not involved in a relationship.

"Our understanding at this point is that they are acquaintances. There is no intimate relationship that has been alleged or will ever be alleged,” said David Shapiro, McCoy’s co-counsel. My understanding is, they are just friends.”

The defendants agreed to stay in custody, without bail, to work out unspecified issues with their lawyers.

They're scheduled to enter pleas to the charges on Monday.

A protective order was issued, barring them or any associates from trying to contact the victim.

They face 25-years to life behind bars if convicted.

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