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Suspects Accused of Kidnapping Federal Officer Arraigned

Two men accused of kidnapping a Federal Law Enforcement Officer, who was trying to stop the men from stealing his bike, pleaded not guilty to related charges. 

Adan Bustos and Arisdelsi Sanches, 23, are facing multiple charges.

Bustos is charged with petty theft, receiving stolen property, hit-and-run driving, attempting unlawful take and drive a vehicle, assault with a deadly weapon, robbery and kidnapping. Sanches is charged with attempt unlawful take and drive a vehicle and receiving stolen property. 

Bail was set at $500,000 for Bustos and $100,000 for Sanchez. 

The incident happened at approximately 7:10 a.m. Friday at the officer's home near Narragansett Avenue and Sunset Cliffs Boulevard in San Diego's Ocean Beach community.

The officer witnessed the suspect from the second floor of his home take a bike from his backyard and place it in the back of a Chevy pick-up truck. The officer then grabbed his badge and confronted the suspect outside his home.

SDPD says there were two suspects inside the truck, identified as Bustos and Sanches. Bustos had been the one to steal the bicycle while Sanches waited in the truck. 

When the officer approached Bustos and Sanches and identified himself, they drove off. That's when the officer jumped into the bed of the truck.

SDPD said the suspects drove onto the freeway and exited in the downtown area of San Diego, driving more than seven miles before stopping. The officer was able to call police using his cell phone.

Bustos then crashed the truck into a large concrete planter box located near 4th Avenue and K Street in downtown. Police say the officer was able to get out of the truck at this time.

Police say Sanches also got out when the truck stopped and ran away. She was later arrested near 500 K Street. 

Bustos drove away, stopped at 6th Avenue and K Street where the truck rolled backward and crashed into a parked vehicle. He then took off on foot and got into a taxi near 6th Avenue and L Street, according to police. 

Officers stopped the taxi at 600 Harbor Drive and arrested Bustos. 

Police say the Chevy pick-up Bustos and Sanches had been driving was a stolen vehicle. Both suspects were booked into jail on several felony charges.

It is unclear if the officer was injured. 

No other information was immediately available.

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