San Diego

Suspect Steals Victim's Identity, Uses It to Order Prepaid Cards in Victim's Name: SDPD

 An investigation is underway after a suspect stole a Carmel Mountain resident's identity and used it to order prepaid credit cards in his name. 

San Diego Police (SDPD) initially received a call for the reported theft on Feb. 17 or 18, when the victim said a man came to his door and stole a UPS package. 

The suspect stole his identity, police said, and ordered prepaid credit cards in his name. 

A neighbor's surveillance video shows the suspect in the area and walking up to the house, out of frame. Police are aware of the surveillance and say it is part of the investigation. 

The investigation is ongoing, police said. 

If you plan on receiving a package, police said, they recommend having someone home to pick it up or coordinate with neighbors to help out. 

No further information was immediately available.

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