Suspect Steals $900 Worth of Face Cream

Police say the suspect was caught on camera stealing the goods in an Aug. 27 theft

This alleged burglar was apparently in desperate need of a face lift.

Chula Vista Police say a suspect nabbed about $900 worth of face cream from a CVS on E. H Street.

The man was caught on surveillance video during the Aug. 27 incident, showing him grabbing the goods and a store clerk chasing after him.

Detectives later shared the video with other law enforcement agencies, and a senior probation officer recognized the suspect as Julian Vera, 25, police say.

Vera was already wanted on an outstanding felony warrant for violating the terms of his probation.

On Thursday, detectives carried out a probation search on Vera's Moss Street apartment. When police entered, they say Vera ran out a back door to his patio, jumped to his neighbor's patio and hid inside the adjoining apartment.

Witnesses told police where he was, and they took him into custody around 6:50 a.m.

Detectives say a search of Vera's apartment turned up a shirt matching the suspect's in the video, which had the word "Carhartt" across the chest in white over the black fabric.

They also spotted a white vehicle, belonging to the Vera's mother, in the apartment parking lot. It matched the description that witnesses gave of the getaway vehicle on Aug. 27.

No stolen property was found.

Vera was booked into jail for commercial burglary and for the outstanding warrant.

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