Bike Theft Suspect Stabs Harbor Police Officer

An officer with the Harbor Police Department was stabbed Friday as he tried to arrest a bicycle theft suspect, a Port of San Diego spokesperson said.

Witnesses say the suspect on a bike wheeled into an alley near Market and 15th streets just before noon, on his way to a pedicab company nearby.

A Harbor police officer pulled up in his car and told the man to stop. According to the witnesses, the officer was in plain clothes.

"Then the guy kept going like he was going to try to get away," said witness James Zumwalt. "And then the police officer got out of the car and tackled him, and then they started wrestling on the ground, and it was just a big wrestling match for about 30 seconds."

During the scuffle, the suspect stabbed the officer in the upper right thigh, the Port spokesperson said.

The officer was taken to UCSD Medical Center and is expected to make a full recovery.

The suspect has since been arrested. The names of those involved have not been released.

Investigators sent the case to the District Attorney's office for charges.

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