Suspect Stabbed Bio Tech Executive 40 Times: Attorney

Stabbing suspect Odie Miller Jr. randomly stabbed a Bio Tech executive 40 times as the man was walking to a lunchtime meeting near University Town Center, a deputy district attorney said Monday.

In arguing for high bail, Deputy District Attorney Geoff Allard provided these disturbing new details at the suspect’s arraignment.

“It does appear to be a random attack,” Allard said.

The judge set bail for Miller at $550,000. His next court date is Aug. 20.

Miller, 20, was charged with attempted murder. Prosecutors filed an enhancement on the charge because the act inflicted “great bodily injury.” He could face up to 12 years in prison if convicted.

Miller was taken into custody just before 11 a.m. Aug. 7 at Broadway and Park Boulevard, just two blocks from the San Diego Police Headquarters downtown – the day after the random stabbing.

The stabbing led to a search by SWAT team members to apprehend Miller. Helicopters were hovering overhead as officers in heavy gear waited outside the home. The SWAT team was called to the Rolando location.

The victim is recovering at home, Allard said.

Miller's father has told NBC 7 that his son suffers from bipolar disorder and depression and has been involved in a violent incident with family members in the past. He said he sought help for his son, but because he's older than 18, there's nothing legally he can do.

That's a common battle parents of mentally ill children face and, sadly, there's not much they can do, said psychologist George Pratt.

"People who are severely mentally ill don't recognize typically that they need help," Pratt said. "They don't like medications and they act out and create major problems for themselves, other individuals and their families."

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