Suspect in I-5 Crash Surrenders

27-year old John Sudac Jr. of Carlsbad surrendered to authorities Sunday.  He had been sought in connection with a hit-and-run accident on Interstate-5, allegedly causing an SUV to rollover and partially ejecting a pregnant woman. 

The California Highway Patrol said Sudac surrendered to Carlsbad police after widespread media reports named him as a person of interest in the incident.  "He contacted Carlsbad Police.  Carlsbad police in turn, contacted CHP here in Oceanside.  We arranged for the party to come and be interviewed and he was taken into custody," said CHP Officer Mark Latulippe.

The suspect crossed multiple lanes traveling northbound on Interstate-5 at 1:00 am Sunday morning and hit the back of a Ford Explorer, causing it to roll over multiple times, Latulippe said. 24-year old Yine Gonzalez of Tijuana was partially ejected from the vehicle. 

Several off-duty law enforcement officers witnessed the crash or stopped at the scene. "They were on scene and actually turned over the Explorer themselves to try and extricate her from it in hopes of saving her child.  They were able to overturn the vehicle and render some assistance, but unfortunately it did not work," Latulippe said.

Officials say Sudac was arrested for DUI and will likely face charges of felony manslaughter, felony hit-and-run and possession of Marijuana.

Authorities were also searching for two other suspects involved in the incident including a passenger in Sudac's car who was injured in the crash.  Officials also sought a suspect who stopped at the scene and stole the victim's purse which fell out of the SUV, said Officer Latulippe

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