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Suspect Chats on Bluetooth Earpiece During Home Invasion

“You know, you realize your house isn't as secure as you think it is,” the homeowner said.

A Chula Vista homeowner wants to know who the man who broke into his home was talking to while he scanned his belongings.

Dean Riggot’s security cameras show the suspect, with his fists wrapped with socks, punch out one of his windows and enter his home. The burglary happened Monday while Riggot and his family were out.

Riggot’s dog barked up a storm, but it wasn’t enough.

“He tried his best. You can hear him on the video. He tried his best. He barked and barked and barked,” Riggot said.

What you can also hear on the security camera feed is the suspect having a conversation. You can't make out what he's saying but the man is talking to either himself or someone on the Bluetooth earpiece seen in his right ear.

The video featured unsettling sights and sounds for Riggot and his family.

“You know, you realize your house isn't as secure as you think it is,” Riggot said.

What also seemed odd to Riggot was that though his home was littered with valuables, the suspect may not have taken anything on his way out.

“My wife believes he took a few purses that were upstairs, but other than that he went passed all the electronics. There was even some cash. Not large amounts but just $20 or so,” Riggot said. “There was cash, blue tooth speakers, Bose speakers, tablets, a laptop computer. But he didn't take any of that.”

The Chula vista Police Department is looking into this case and has asked the public to contact them at (619) 691-5151 if they have any information about the suspect.

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