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Pursuit Suspect at Large After Crashing into Poway Home, Fleeing Scene on Foot

A driver evading police crashed into the side of a Poway home Sunday morning and fled the scene on foot, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) confirmed.

A couple living in the home woke up to the sound of falling debris and broken glass.

“Basically, we were asleep and heard the sound of falling, breaking glass,” homeowner Kevin Burgess said. “It seemed to us like our neighbor’s house exploded.”

Officers say the chase began at approximately 3:18 a.m. when CHP attempted to stop the white Toyota 4-Runner on Interstate 8 and Mission Center.

The driver ignored police and continued driving on I-8, transitioned to northbound State Route 163 and then to I-15 before exiting on Rancho Bernardo Road.

Police continued to pursue the driver as they were led through city streets and residential neighborhoods into Poway. Officers say they lost sight of the SUV momentarily and that’s when the driver crashed into the home at 13122 Coyotero Drive.

The driver quickly fled the scene on foot before officers arrived at the house, CHP said.

Burgess said that he has surveillance cameras set up around his home that should have recorded the driver exiting the vehicle and taking off.

In total, the chase lasted for about 20 minutes. CHP officers say the driver was swerving in and out of lanes and suspect they were driving under the influence. The driver’s top speed during the pursuit was 110 mph, officers said.

San Diego Fire-Rescue crews were able to pull the SUV out from the home and patch up the wall for the homeowner.

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