Survivor Wants Young People Like Him to Take COVID-19 Seriously

20-29 Year Olds Lead San Diego County In Number Of Covid-19 Cases

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Back from what he called a near-death COVID-19 experience, 26-year-old Will Galvez is now blogging about his health hardships hoping to inspire caution among people in his age group who might be blowing off the dangers of the coronavirus.

"This is science and this needs to be taken very seriously because it's not just affecting the elderly. Like I said, there was a moment in that emergency room I was questioning my survival," said Galvez.

Across the country and in San Diego County, younger people are catching COVID-19 at a higher rate.

In San Diego County, the 20-29 age group has seen more infections (4,300) than any other 10-year group, and at 24% makes up for the largest portion of cases among total positives.

“I  woke up one day and it felt like I had fought a U.F.C fighter, like my body hurt so bad," said Galvez, a former college football player.

That wake-up call came 48 hours after a get together at Galvez’s Pacific Beach home. Little did he know one of his guests had coronavirus.

“She had it and basically played Russian roulette with everybody and I was one of them," Galvez said.

Galvez' roommates and at least two others contracted the virus as a result. Likely making the get-together one of the 34 community outbreaks reported in June.

“Even though young people may not be highest at risk for severe cases, these individuals will pass it on to others who suffer from those consequences," said Otolaryngologist Dr. Paul Schalch Lepe.

Galvez suffered the consequences with scorching fevers and an oxygen tube to help him breathe.

Days after his July 2nd hospital release, the avid hiker and golfer is winded by a simple conversation.

"I definitely can feel it, talking to you guys. I also do a podcast as well and I catch myself running out of breath.

Galvez says he doesn’t have any long-term damage to his lungs as some others have had, but he did lose 12 pounds of muscle.

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